Welcome to "Yearbook Rocks Forum"http://yearbookrocksforum.wikispaces.comWalsworth Summer WorkshopJacksonville IL
Editors Class instructors who Rock: Lori Mortland

Sessions of the workshop:

General topics that will be covered:

  • Themes that Work
  • Theme development and design for your book
  • Basic Design - assignments: cover, endsheets, title page, dividers, sports/academic spread, portrait w/mini-features & quick reads, opening & closing (bonus points for more section spreads)
  • Organizing Your Book, Traditional vs Time Sequence
  • Section design for your book
  • Advanced Design Concepts
  • Work on Designs Utilizing Advanced Look - assignment: designs will be assessed in the morning
  • Basic fundamentals of yearbook production
  • ladder
  • Good Story Telling and Sidebars
  • headline writing
  • Writing Great Captions
  • Designing the Portrait Section
  • Designing the Sports Section
  • How to Incorporate and Design Clubs and Organizations
  • How to Incorporate and Design Academic Coverage
  • Creating Templates That Work
  • The Little Things That Matter - Title Page, Colophon, Index, Group Pictures, Folios and Table of Contents
  • Color and Graphics Use, Special Effects, How to use B/W Special Effects
  • editorial approaches
  • Organizing and Managing Your Staff

Breakout Sessions
  • Breakout Session: Online Design
  • Breakout Session: Photoshop Tricks and Tips
  • Breakout Session: Marketing - Increasing Book Sales
  • Breakout Session: Marketing - Increasing Ad Sales
  • Breakout Session: Making Yearbook Fun
  • Breakout Session: Want to Make Your Book Special, Add-ons That Work
  • Breakout Session: Merchandising

PACEMAKERS and INDIVIDUAL AWARDS for contests – many years available
Design – layouts – writing – photography

link to Yearbook Jeopardy Powerpoint

link to Beginner Photographer Workshop Powerpoint

link to Walsworth Recorded Tutorials

What participants who Rock want to learn/experience at the workshop or questions for Lori and John: tweet your questions to #yearbookrocks or email piratedjlangley@gmail.com