Team Building Ideas

Why Team Building?

  • Yearbook is a business
  • One negative can bring everyone down
  • Makes everyone aware of everyone else
  • Trust is important

List Team Building Ideas you have used:

Kim's Game:
  • divide into two teams. Each team puts 30 objects under a small sheet. Opposing team has a set amount of time to view the items to view your team's items (you may start with 2 minutes, then repeat with new objects with 1 minute) - then the objects are covered by the sheet again. Opposing team then has 1 minute to write down as many objects that they can remember seeing (1 point for each correct answer - you may subtract points for incorrect answers)

Alphabetical line-up:
  • without talking, staff must line up alphabetically by their middle names. You may repeat the game by having staff line up by birthdays, etc.

Circle Sit:
  • staff must end up in a circle with each staff member sitting on the knees of the staff member behind him/her. Extra challenge - require that the staff perform this without talking.

Trust Fall - ask John Langley to demonstrate - this is not an exercise that I feel comfortable explaining online - it's a visual with specific rules

Point and Nod Circle - ask John Langley to explain - cool game, but easier to understand if you see it

Jo taught a yarn web exercise two years ago that is amazing - ask her about it

Human Knot:
  • Everyone stands in a tight circle and clasps left hand with someone and right hand with someone else. Everyone must be clasping hands with two other people. Without letting go, the team must untangle the human knot they are in until the team is standing in a circle with joined hands.

Fun activities easily available online:
Minute to Win It Challenges
Brain Breaks (youtube)

Apps for Staff Entertainment:
"Elf Yourself"
"Yearbook yourself"

Maintaining a Team:

  • Parties for deadlines
  • Staff shirts/hats
  • nicknames
  • Press Passes
  • Personalize Equipment (get a label maker to label computers, etc.)